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  1. Hey Jack, great to see you decided to take the plunge with us…
    One humble suggestion, if you decide to stick with the game – consider turning off Occlusion in the VR settings (the black stuff at the edges of the screen). It's good for minimizing motion discomfort… but kinda sucks for streaming.

  2. Im sorry jack
    We did not add an irish flag
    We tried out best
    And just forget

    Im sorry jack
    For we messed up
    The irish flag
    Must live on

  3. There are two types of people:
    The first is me which is: * gets knife * oh. Ok, I can defend myself against merpeople and jumbo shrimp.
    And then there’s jack.
    “Oh! I can stab some f~*kin’ b*!ches if I want!”

  4. I’m no oceanologist and I don’t know much about respirating but I do know that lack of oxygen causes hallucinations which is why random shit was popping up midway through the game

  5. that little octopus creature resembled a Dumbo Octopus, only they don't use their jet propulsions very much. they just flap their fins in very deep waters

  6. jack. i want to stongly reccomend you finish narcosis. honor code has done such a good job of fleshing out this game, but the real spectacular part is the story of narcosis. i wont spoil the ending, but youll want to see it.

  7. The fact that he is freaking out about the Spider crabs, well I guess i would as well but i would have a harpoon gun with me for killing that giant crab bastard.

  8. Narcosis is the fear of the ocean and being in it, at least I think it is anyway, anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

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