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  1. I know it's a coffee video, but big question. Do you drink tea?
    I'm your stereotypical person from UK and I drink Yorkshire Tea till it's coming out of my ears

  2. Tangentially off topic comment… Tim Hortons and Roll Up The Rim. Years ago I shot TVC for Tim's, about a family in Alberta who had won the grand prize in RUTR. They lived oven an hour from the closest Tim's (unfathomable today that anyone could live even 10 minutes from Tim's, but I digress). When one of them would go to town, they'd load up on a flat or two of coffee, bring it back to the farm and freeze it – still in the cup. Then when one of them wanted a cup – they'd microwave it.

  3. Don't get me wrong, coffee is a big deal and I like watching your coffee videos Peter, but this video just dragged on. The idea though…I did like that!

  4. You had me at coffee ?☕️? btw “Timmy’s!!!” I’ve actually won free Tim Bits or was it a coffee… shoot now I can’t remember, one time ? haha [true story: literally just dumped out a brand new pot of coffee because I was sidetracked by this dang video]

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