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  1. Nokia is the best phone and continueng develope the OS. Windows phone is solid Os on the phone has only a bit of lag on any apps. But we are comparing to android apps has a lot of lag. I hav android quadcore but it cant runs solid on apps and games. Windows 9 is coming another update for device and i saw the preview and add thier more gestures. WP9 is great update.

  2. Nokia should do what they believe in that is making solid reliable handsets rather then trying to replicate there competition the fact that people criticize about windows phone means that there is something different to try out there apart from android and i os 

  3. In terms of hardware Nokia are the biggest innovators. Look at past Fones and compare them with Fones from other manufacturers, Nokia will always have something the others don't. Only thing they messed up with was staying with symbian for so long.

  4. i think that no matter how big the internal memory is, there should ALWAYS be a sd card slot !!!

    PS: i love nokia but i hate W phones 

  5. People dont forget that microsoft already has android apps bing ,outlook,and office 365 are a few if nokia where to enter the android space for a highend experience software wise they.have to do better then metro tiles

  6. Replace 'Nokia' with great build quality and superb camera, and the whole talk makes sense for any Android Smartphone manufacturer

  7. The reason Nokia failed was exceptional ism actual without innovation and market awareness for demand
     Flollow proven Galaxy S flagships make the nokia android phone as close to the greats as possible and that spells success

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