BECOME CAPTAIN MARVEL IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Marvel United Powers VR (Oculus Rift + Touch Gameplay)

We are going to step into the role of Captain Marvel. To celebrate the launch of the movie we’ll return to Marvel Powers United for some VR action and face …


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  1. Good evening nathie another great video in Marvel powers United. I definitely am going to see you Capt. Marvel movie in the cinema she was the hero that started this whole franchise. I have a question she recently added to the roster as downloadable content? Have a good evening nathie.

  2. Love your idea of playing it now. Perfect time to revisit since Captain Marvel movie is coming out. I always do the same for karaoke. Sing the seasonal songs! lol

  3. Why do you call your video oculus rift + touch gameplay everyone know rift come with touch I don’t even think rift can work without touch

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