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  1. I was actually hoping that “Brightburn” would become a sympathetic villain
    (Still am)

    But It’s like they are just gonna make him a remorseless psycho

  2. It's weird watching this trailer knowing that the kid's name is Brandon R. My name is Brandon Rodriguez. That's pretty funnt and lowkey kinnda creepy ??

  3. Just amazing
    Please turn this into a cinematic universe
    And make this universe version of batman violent super hero
    Who will kill brightburn ( aka Brandon aka evil super man)

  4. I don't know how can wb don't sue this movie it's obviosly a superman ripoff I mean the cape, the red eyes…are you serious? I hoped james gunn had more imagination than this…I hope that he doesn't ruin the new suicide squad movie

  5. ** Walks in to pitch the movie** Director: "ahem….What if Superman was evil" Studio: "Brilliant!!" **Throws money in director's face.

  6. Okay, I know people are joking about the fact that its completely “inspired” by the Superman origin mythos…. but awhile after Disney fired James Gunn, there was talks about dc looking to hire him to direct the next suicide squad film. Real talk, what if that was just a misdirection so they could do a dark alternate dc universe like the crime syndicate? It doesn’t say dc, but what if they’re just keeping under wraps til last minute?

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