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  1. Listen folks I understand what he said didn’t come off too nice but let’s be honest here I think we all know what he meant too many games do have a white male protagonist that isn’t interesting in the slightest lol

  2. High key, he is totally right about the typical rough white male protagonist. But knowing the gaming community, some people are going to yell "leftist!" and automatically think he prefers some insanely mixed and sexually orientated protagonist. He just wants a character that he hasn't been playing in the same game for the last 20 years. Could have been any race of person, but terrified of the world they are in and the game could have a great story about them living with his fear while surviving the harsh zombie ridden world. It hasn't been done much before. People need to chill down and realize the truth of the matter and move on.

  3. Barely a minute in and the game reviewer is already using the race card.

    Oh and before you start insulting me with your incel white male patriarchy buzzwords, I'm Canto-Chinese.

  4. Everyone here is getting triggered over the "gruff white male" sentence when he clearly said that he was tired of the trope, not that he disliked them… You people really need to find something else to endlessly complain about

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