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  1. To be fair, anything can be convoluted when you skip plot points but regardless DMC isn't Kingdom Hearts or Metal Gear Solid- It's not that complicated.

  2. There are some important story details not seen in this video due to only using the main stories of the games and not including the sidestories, comic, manga and anime that are also canon such as: Dante using the pseudonym Tony Redgrave, meeting Nell Goldstein, the creator of Dante's Ebony and Ivory, and her death causing him to drop the pseudonym go by Dante, reuniting with Virgil for the first time since Eva's death, Virgil going to the Island of Fortuna, both in the one year before DMC3 takes place, Dante working with a liaison named J.D. Morrison, and saving a girl by the name of Patty Lowell. All of these details are important and have been confirmed to be referenced in DMC5.

  3. Ironic how after Prepare to Try left IGN, the channel now tries to act super funny in order to keep the subs who were only here for PTT

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