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  1. I am baffled is to why they changed the size dramatically from G2? Why not have another line that is larger, and keep the same screen size? Just to have QHD? Form factor got a bit too large for me, even though this device is awesome!

  2. I work at T-Mobile and was originally going to get the GS5 but when I saw the LG G3 reviews and Specs I held off! This phone is going to be sweet. Aside from the mechanical aspects of the phone, it has a removable battery and a sd card slot as well??? That's why I've always had a Samsung phone and since LG launched the G2 an even the L90 I could tell LG was getting better! Sign me up on this phone because I know its going to be amazing! Btw this review does this phone no good when they talk about the camera. Youtube "LG G3 volcano" to see the camera in action first hand.

  3. Sounds funny, but I began to distinguish pixels on the iPad Retina when I'm reading really tiny text from 5 inches away, I can see them. Whatever you say, but QHD is the next big thing. Without QHD you would just wanted it less, admit it.

  4. Secondly you said it's not the full working model. So of course
    It's not going to work to its full capacity is it? because it's not a Apple that hasn't got a full hd screen or Samsung better play it
    Safe and be a drone. At least LG had the B*lls to go with a 2K
    Screen. Unlike the big Three hand set manufactures.

  5. I might not know much about how a phone is built, and put my
    Hands up to that, but to pull a phone to bits like that on camera,
    Your looking like a school boy who doesn't like his new toy.

  6. Hearing that a lot about the screen, it maybe be 2k, but seems to have poor viewing angles and bad sunlight viewing. Shame really, I think I'll stick to my Sony Z2

  7. Reminds me of what movie critics do to great movies. It remains to be seen if the guy on the left will have to eat crow when the final reviews come out. That comment on the back cover especially was unreasonable to me. The back looks simply fantastic for plastic.

  8. They have marketed it really well …. but it only has a 1watt speaker and a average camera … And laser that only works in lowlights situations…. People will fall for it tho because it's definitely better than the s5 and the z2!

  9. The guy says he doubts any other manufacturer can drop a display this good bat Samsung or Apple, what a jester really, when Sony makes the best Tvs by far, best imaging tech used in cinema and space research. Plus high tech cameras used for live broadcasts of all sorts. These guys should just stop embarrassing themselves.

  10. They just don't look beyond apple, Samsung and htc. It was the same attitude they showed towards the z2.
    Having said that, I think the g3 could have done with a more competitive camera.
    Don't think the

  11. I have to say Thanks for the information about the phone and your opinion about its features.  I was a Samsung Guy and now Im and LG man I have been since the LG Optimus G great phone they need better marketing but features are there, only disappointing thing is water resistant other then that, Great specs. 

  12. I wonder how much Samsung has paid these two, especially the guy on the left. "at 5.5 I'm just not impressed" I bet once the note 4 and its bigger screen comes out 5.9 or watever it turns out to be his response will be something like, "at 5.9 the note 4 has quite an impressive pixel density at 2k or Qhd" dude is full of it.

  13. I don't watch many of your guys videos but the dude on the left just seemed like no matter what he was against the phone. I've watched the time these reviews and he is seriously the only one that said the display did not blow him away. Doesn't quite have the snappiness of the s5? Seriously? Lol maybe the phone is terrible. I don't know I don't own one. But just comparing to pretty much every other post production review. Your kind of an army of one in that thought process lol

  14. LG has really come a long way from being the underdog to being the leader of the band now in Android world! LG has always been the first to introduce innovations and not Samsung. When dual core has not been that popular, LG did it first with the Optimus 2X and later on Samsung blown it away with the GS2 with proper marketing and better optimization with that model only I believe coz to me, LG really made better phones than Samsung with Optimus G vs the S3, G2 vs the S4 and now the G3 vs the S5! LG has always been the first when it comes to bringing new technology. The chipsets on the LG products that I have mentioned were ahead and better than the ones found on Samsung but on the S5 vs the G3 they're in the same league atleast but the G3 is again gaining the upper hand coz it has a QHD screen as compared to the FHD on the S5. Go LG! You deserve to be on top! Sony as well deserves to be commended coz both manufacturers keep on getting better and better every year! 🙂

  15. John sounds like he knows what he's talking about.. sadly, he's rubbish. He gives praises LG for everything that is not worthy of praise, and criticizes it and others i.e. Apple for reason he's completely wrong about. 64 bit cpu's are not pointless, as seen on iOS devices, and more ram for android, although not the answer for its woes, definitely improves the experience.

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