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  1. Just make franchise have the option to change the number of games please. I can play 162 games, which I have 3 years in a row now, but I never want to do it again. Unlike Madden where 16 games isnt too bad to do multiple seasons.

  2. The microphones you guys used on this video are terrible. Any laugh is way too loud, normal conversion is way too soft, any volume setting I have yall at has one problem or the other.

  3. Well… why not simply bringing back the season mode ??!!!! Here I can't play a complete game – can't choose my line-up, rotation, etc. Season mode was perfect playing around 30 games. Baseball is also about bringing the right guy at the right time could be at the plate or on the mound. Too much random mode here.

  4. When the manager yells at the umpire he should get ejected or in rtts there should be an option to argue a call and get ejected and it would effect your traites hire me San Diego studio the comment section is full with things you should do from me

  5. So the Oakland A’s are underdogs? They were the 4th best team in mlb this year if it’s like that I’m not playing this mode and how are the Mets and nationals on the top over better teams ?

  6. Graphics also look a little out dated next year do that. The crowd needs to understand situations and be more involved to. Especially in the playoffs. I was playing franchise and crowd all the way up every one sitting down and quit. WHYYYYY!

  7. Let me save you 50 mins of your life. Its the dude playing one game with really little info. Probably because this mode is a gimmick. But we shall see I guess.

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