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  1. title of the video: "not just a soulsborne"
    title card in video: "(souls)born again"

    ign i'm not even 40 seconds into this video and the ideas are all over the place. you're a pretty big company now, there's no reason why you shouldn't have competent editors to make sure continuity errors don't get through, especially on an exclusive preview like this. wish i could be surprised by this lazy work…

  2. So no stamina, able to dodge and mash as much as you want and no weapon variety. Also not feeling the animations or art style. Likely going to be a fromsoft game I actually avoid personally

  3. Prosthetic arm? Gives me a dororo anime vibe. Dororo is something similar to this except he's killing demons that took his body parts one by one.

  4. IGN always looks for game mechanics that aren't really intended for that game. These reviewers are so used to games that need grinding and games that are fortnite-ish.smh

  5. Seems like they took all the best parts out of dark souls and made the game easier. I guess some of the new things are pretty neat, but no leveling, no gear, and one shot stealth kills on just about everything but bosses is a pretty big loss.

  6. It really bothers me that they threw away all the rpg elements, it was always a thing that kept me trying the hard bosses, because it gave you rewards etc.

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