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About the Author: Shots of Awe with JASON SILVA


  1. Basicaly from the first reflections on water? Later in paintings and videos! Another self (the mind) we keep on ignoring because of the amplitude?! Lack of meaning and the gather of meaning.? I think

  2. I really don't know how mant people who watch this video are going to take action and immerse today into the dimension of VR and AR to begin learning, but I am. Thanks Silva.

  3. Cerebral Jazz for the Cambrian explosion of mind, synchronize we might with an emergent height of impulse, a state of flow, where our sensations reach out like bioluminescent coral polyps feelin a lil deeper into a nexus of cosmic mindedness and integration with eachothers creative intelligence as the backdrop collage for our own impulse for augmentation

  4. Reminds me of an idea heard few years back by j.keats. A simple “dome” in every city, that posts images and events to keep the human conscious aware. A step above the internet, yet still A.I. operated. A.I. because we fear it more than we fear our own actions?‍♂️ of warming our only home.

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