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  1. I think Captain Marvel is on par with Thor and Hulk in terms of strength.

    I mean even Wonder Woman was OP in her movie but in Justice League she barely did anything than… Assmble the team.

  2. Are we talking the MCU or Marvel Comics? If so she loses to more than half of the superheros in Marvel Comics handsdown ?

    Edit: I hope this was a joke…

  3. Does anybody actually realize the only way shes the strongest is cuz they wrote her that way…if only captain marvel wasnt that dumb c*** brie larson

  4. Ok relax she’s not Superman. Girl power can’t beat the Hulk. And “she’s the strongest” doesn’t make her the most powerful either.

  5. You know, I used to think that power levels matter. And then I saw Tony Stark go head to head with pretty much everyone and match their power level in fairly equal fights. Stark's armor has been defeated by a metal railing. What matters is whatever the writers come up with.

    Unless you're Batman. In which case, Batman wins, because with enough prep time …

  6. I wonder… Did Samuel L Jackson even seen THOR: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War… He still thinks Mjolnir is Thor's weapon hahaha, it's a real shame for him… Thor has and use the mighty and godlly-killing weapon STORMBREAKER !

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