5 Good, Cheap Beginner Racing Drones | Drone Racing Report | Vol 11

Episode 11 explores some of our favorite inexpensive beginner racing drones. Find out what you need to get started in drone racing or FPV, and some cheap options that will get you flying quickly. We take a look at the Eachine E013, the Blade Inductrix FPV+, the Hubsan X4 Storm, the Walkera Rodeo 110, and the Redcat Carbon 210 Race Drone.

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  1. hey i am looking to getting into fpv race quads and I am kind of confused on what to get. My budget is around 200-240$ but maybe I can push it a bit more. ive been researching for a while on what exactly to get but i still cant find anything. i am looking for a decent speed race drone with good range because I like flying pretty far. and any recommendations on what transmitter and goggles to use? im more used to rc ground vehicles so this is a totally new experience for me. also a quad that has acro mode :p

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