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  1. So the knuckles only last for 8 hours whilst the rift controllers last for weeks? I'm confused as to why no significant battery performance enhancements have been made to the new vive controllers

  2. blew my mind??is that a little too nerdy? Eh, whatever. This looks Amazing!!…like…what the heck? I have always wanted vr to be half as cool and half as brilliant as boneworks is already…this looks insane..awesome amazing work to Brandom and his team…amazing??

  3. I dont like how you hold two handed guns like shotguns and rifles. I'm not sure a rifle style peripheral is a good solution but holding two controllers instead of one rigid controller is a bummer for me.

  4. Still child shoes. But this was that performance which I can believe this can be something very amazing in the near future. First VR footage where I actually didn't laugh my ass off

  5. Imagine playing an RPG and you're some kind of assassin. Boy, you better be ready to slash your daggers as fast as you can.

    PS: I can already see myself accidentally breaking a lot of stuff at home because of this.

  6. Remember whenever we were kids and the old systems came out? Mind blowing.. Now we think of those systems as "Retro" Imagine when AR takes over, controllers and keyboards and VRs will be "Retro"

  7. Jimmy Wong is an SJW retard. I used to respect him, but after that SJW shit he tried pulling on Twitter… He's just another trigger happy (no pun intended) snowflake.

  8. at 4:17 this got me wondering that if any VR company or someone working in VR is also working an ankle or feet attachment? So basically when you stomp in real life and stomp in the game with your foot you feel vibrations from the stomp and you can lift your feet in-game by lifting them in real life because that would be sick

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