Cryptocurrency exchanges with passive income coins/tokens

Cryptocurrency exchanges with passive income tokens coins, passive income cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming world recognized digital currencies acceptable for a wide range of transactions. For years, people have invested heavily in its use, investments which have proved to be wise decisions as the world is becoming more aware. In this article, we will not be going through the normal route of just telling you about cryptocurrencies, we will be discussing certain popular and awesome exchanges with user friendly interfaces that have passive income coins/tokens. Who doesn’t like to earn dividends on their money passively? In order to do this, there is the need to identify coins that generate these dividends and better yet crypto exchanges that give you reduced fees and dividends.

  • Binance: This is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto sphere. Binance has a token called the BNB or Binance token and where this token is used to pay fees or conduct other exchanges on the platform, massive discounts are offered. BNB is ERC token 20 whose supply is fixed at 200 million. The Binance tokens are made out in such a way that not only will you get great reductions on exchanges carried out, your tokens get to increase in value as time goes on. Do you know that Binance buys back 20% of your BNB tokens at every quarter, they burn them till the supply reaches the 100 million mark which is done in a bit to drive up the value of the BNB.

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binance crypto exchange, crypto passive income
  • Kukoin: This is the coin of the Kukoin exchange. It’s also an ERC 20 token, 100 million of which has already been distributed. Kukoin shares 90% of the total platforms trading fee to its users, as bonus, Kukoin also shares another 50% to its users who hold KCS aka Kukoin on the Kukoin platform. As invitation bonus, Kukoin also shares 40% to users who have successfully recommended the platform to other users.
best crypto exchange, crypto passive income
  • COSS: Another ERC 20 token which is the currency of the COSS exchange, it shares similar features with Binance and Kukoin. As it stands holders of the COSS coins are paid on a weekly basis 50% of the exchange trading fee. 
crypto passive income
  • CoinBene: The Coni is a token developed by the ConiBene exchange. With a total of 100 billion volume which can never be increased, this coin just like the COSS and Kukoin is an ERC 20 token and they also give amazing discounts. Coni holders enjoy exclusive discounts on trade fees and depending on the amount held, the discounts will be increased with the maximum being 70%.
crypto passive income
  • Cobinhood: This platform also offers quite a number of benefits. Its holders stand to enjoy 50% discount when COB tokes are used to pay for withdrawal fees. Users get up to 50% off margin trading loan interest which would be made available where the COB tokens are used.
crypto passive income

These exchanges all have amazing advantages, they do share quite similar features but holding tokens on these platforms would be an amazing idea because the crypto space has and will continue to grow; presenting quite a number of investment opportunities. This will be one of the ways to make passive income with cryptocurrencies for the foreseeable future.

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