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  1. The reason the galaxy S5 is not 64-bit is until android L comes out the android smartphone market has hit the 32bit barrier. Smasung would have loved to make this the first 64-bit android phone, but that 64-bit processor and extra memory would go to waste as KitKat could not address all of it.

  2. I can't understand half of what they say cause of there dumbass accents. They lay them on thicker to sound smarter but really they just sound like jackasses.

  3. wanna make an android user mad…tell them their phone sucks. Try that with a iPhone user, and they just laugh in your face. Cuz they know its a joke to think android is better than iPhone.

  4. Samsung. King of useless annoying features. Who thought of water drop sounds would sound pleasing to ears. Samsung. Air gestures page that follows your eyes your face. Useless s..t

  5. Waste of time, going on about what it should have? spend more time on Phone title  "in depth" you could hear this waffle in any cafe or pub between friends show the phone in depth like a good review does

  6. It is functionally fine but aesthetically horrid I`m not sure why always the Galaxy devices packs atrocious looking speaker grills, cheers !

  7. This man said that the heart rate scanner on the s5 is stupid because you have to come to a stop to check your heart rate.. Oh god this man is fucking retarted.

  8. after seeing this video, ill get the GS5, however, if the iPhone 6 has a better, qualities, than, ill just get that…. first time buyer btw!!!!

  9. Still using my S2, Still in great condition. But is starting to get slow due to OS upgrades. This looks good. Please correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Samsung already have the S4 zoom as their camera oriented phone?

  10. Poor battery life this thing with a 2800mAh battery and such a big processor this thing hardly last a day you have to make sure you walk with you charger, and the built from the S to the now S5 Samsung rip us off with a cheaply built and a ugly phone. Bottom line the S5 is just a S4 with up tweaked a little.

  11. The guy on the left is so annoying and doesn't make any sense. Battery Saving Mode is for emergency and it is only active when the battery is down to less than 10%. Why the hell is this guy complaining? Apparently, according to him, he would rather turn a black and white phone off than make use of the phone for the basic function that phones are actually initially for!

  12. It seems this guy looks for any reason to say Samsung are not Good. My friend for your info nothing comes close to Korean Giants atleast for thos generation. Apple had their shot they couldn't take it and remember what "Eminame said OPPORTYNITY COMES ONCE IN A LIFE TIME U BETTER NEVER LET IT GO"

  13. To the ignorant guy on the left: why are you complaining about ultra power saving mode and wishing it had more features? I mean the s5 already has a regular power save mode where everything is accessible. Do some research.

  14. This is what the problem is when a company is built from copying, samsung is just stuck with improving what is there already because there is no one out there to copy from. Now they have to be an innovator and prove it immediately so that consumers will not opt to other brands, same goes to all competitors out there. I miss Steve Jobs.

  15. hi i have a question, the Chinese case manufactures, are they allowed to buy a phone pre release date to make cases etc?
    my dealer in China says he bought a phone in barcelona for testing the pre release phone casings etc 

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