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  1. This is sad. No more videos from next week. If it is trouble to change the color and theme, then just have a generic set up. Also, you do not need to change the camera angle. Keep it zoomed out so we see everyone.

  2. You know, nothing says keeping up with the times in 2019 like going from a Video/Audio Podcast, to just Audio Only!

    Are we getting Written Only Reviews, and Previews with Screenshots only of games like it’s 2003 again?

  3. I’m sad that it’s all digital I get it makes sense but I’m a physical copy guy . I like to own the game and I like box art and all that . Also the experience I love going to GameStop and looking around it’s fun to me plus I get great deals . It’s like when the movie stores were replaced by red box it makes sense but I miss the trip with the kids and getting popcorn and looking around . It’s not just about the game

  4. Unsure about this. For me Xbox and even Sony need to drop digital prices. Red Dead in £60 in Xbox uk store and £40 on disc. For me if it's £50 cheaper I'd consider it but it the difference is only 30 I'd just get the disc version.

  5. I'm excited to see the new IGN content coming, but this is a sad day to be losing this connection to all your lovely faces every week!

  6. Same mistake Xbox made at the start of this gen lmao Not everyone has and can afford good internet! Fail Spencer also goes on about options yet takes away the option to buy physical and digital for a console and it doesn't matter if this console is cheaper because all digital games are more expensive than physical so people won't be saving any money! Crackhead Spencer strikes again

  7. The SAD is the preface for the future of the Xbox brand. An all digital future will most likely be the reality for the Xbox ecosystem by 2026-2027 or so.

  8. I’m more concerned with whether or not there will be gddr5 to substitute the ddr3/esram setup currently hindering performance

    I also think the point of this is because they will already be retrofitting xbox one s this way to use for the servers of cloud. Makes sense to just repackage them for sale too. These will be the server blades

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