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  1. US government DEMO-CRAZY are hypocrites! Double standards! American can't build the iPhone that's why let China build the iPhone for them. Now try to messing around with India right now! US government is a big fucking Imperialism! The world must destroy this Imperialism!

  2. I need a Huawei phone asap. That's why China is better, the u.s. needs social democracy!!!!! America what happened to the "free market"!? How a communist/socialist society like China (right now china is using some capitalism but by 2050 they want that system gone and full socialism) is beating capitalism and they say Bernie and Jeremy Corbyn are crazy……

  3. I bought my. HUAWEI Mate 19 Pro on no problem.
    also in the fall I believe it's November the p30 comes out at looks really interesting keep in mind there are three different types of Pro 20. Any rate this would be a journalist dream phone .

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