Drone racing championship in the underground parking in Moscow

The first drone racing championship in the underground parking in Moscow


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  1. What I think is great about this event is that compared to DRL it gives the spectator- the fan sitting in the audience a more focused experience largely because they decrease the field of racers to 2 rather than 6 on a given heat like DRL uses. And, if you're providing personal or large screen FPV monitoring featuring a heat with 2 Pilots instead of 6 you can increase audience focus thus making it more enjoyable. Where DRL does a great job is track design, a great job.

  2. Light weight collision C forks would save your drone on a concrete impact – I am super surprised they have not added these to all the drones..

  3. Quads is something the Russians will kick ass with because they have the patience to sit back and really give it time and build to the extreme. I wonder what the speed limit is with commercial co like FEDEX?

  4. А скажете где находится эта парковка (есть желание взглянуть на такие полеты в живую)?

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