Jack Dorsey spends $10K a week on bitcoin, predicts a 'massive' bitcoin boom

Jack Dorsey makes a very big bitcoin bet. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Chris Verrone and Steve Grasso.

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  1. Bitcoin has provided better returns since 2015 than owning Berkshire Hathaway since 1995, even after Bitcoin has fallen from recent "All Time Highs" of 2017.

    I'm not sure if people understand this.

    Bitcoin is a much better store of value than Gold & Berkshire Hathaway.

    Every time Bitcoin has went into a bull market to create a high, it has created a newer high afterwards, and that isn't the case for Gold actually.

    People say gold is a store of value right, I agree, kinda…. It depends on what you consider a "store of value."

    Because technically, since Aug 2011 Gold has been in a bear trend, and it appears as though they've made a double top, unless Gold creates a newer high..

    Gold had lost nearly 50% of its value from 2011 until Nov 2015!

    4 year bear market, and Gold technically may continue lower.

    People need to realize that Gold went as high as $2,200.00 in January of 1980, and dropped nearly 75% afterwards in a 21 YEAR BEAR MARKET. Nice STORE OF VALUE!

    Bitcoin on the other hand has much faster boom & bust cycles.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin retested it's 2017 ATH before Gold retests its January 1980 ATH!

    Bitcoin has provided greater returns since 2015 than owning an ounce of Gold at spot price since 1975, even after Bitcoin has fallen from recent All Time Highs.

    This trend will continue, and those are not only my words.

    Bitcoin can be part of your portfolio, even if its only 5%.


  2. Cnbc were bullish even when it was bearish lol so how u define this to anything.. Market cannot work by these peoples prediction.. Bitcoin moves with sentiments n good news so far we had amazing great news ?

  3. 10k him dollar cost averaging a week means nothing. A big meaningless shill. Now Twitter CEO is a Bitcoin expert LOL

  4. I believe this is time to really gather as much as possible bit coin so that when it's is fully back on it's feet we all we be elevated financially. But why wasting $10,000 every when there are incredible crypto traders who can help you mine them while you save your money. Who else agrees with me.

  5. they are scared to talk about XRP notice it cuts out a split second after he says ripple is used within every bank, I mean he barely gets the statement out ….I'm pretty sure networks like CNBC are being told by the higher ups to ignore and just brush off ripple and XRP as best they can because I don't see any other reason why XRP is never talked about in depth on a mainstream network with everything XRP has going for it and not only that but it sits at #3 and battels with ETH for the #2 spot…

  6. These guys won't say it's gonna grow until it hits ath. Then they will tell you to buy, so they can dump on you ?

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