BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING IT HASN'T DONE SINCE 20K (btc crypto analysis today price 2019 news


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**I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.

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My Website – Learn To Trade Crypto Like A PRO! bitcoin bull trap electroneum bitcoin 2019


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  1. I have stopped watching Youtube "experts" and " crypto news" since taking Steve's class and spend my time studying and practicing chart reading using Steve's materials. It is not hyperbole that his classes are packed with TA methods and investment strategies that really work. I have taken a couple of TA courses prior to Crypto Crew University from others and left scratching my head. He is an excellent teacher and his material is the best I have seen with clear graphics, notes, explanations and demonstrations. I would have been far better to have known what I have learned in Steve's class in 2017 and 2018 but like Steve says, it does not matter where you get in as long you are buying and selling at the right times.

  2. Hi Steve, this question isn’t meant to question your integrity its just something I have wondered with TA guys in crypto, forex etc etc. If the system/analysis is as good as it seems, whats the benefit to the YT’er in taking the time and effort to make these videos. There are others talking about being millionaires in their 30s and it just begs the question, why youtube video.

  3. To get the Simple MA ribbons indicator Steve is using – In Tradingview, search for the indicator 'Simple Moving Averages' by Stocksinboxx.

  4. Excellent video as usual. Thank you Steve. I'm holding back from buying whenever I see an uptick and following the "Rules" now. Good to have a light in the dark.

  5. Another top quality analysis by the Crypto Crew U. Thanks Steve for your invaluable classes and consistent output of these free YouTube videos. By the way, I have been using the strategies you taught in your classes to other markets with solid success ratio and nice gains to date. 🙂 Blessings to you, baby Prague and your finacee.

  6. The name, the video, the trend line , the jacket… love it. Thanks for the update! Only a few weeks more and the little one starts laugh if you act silly enough… see you next Monday (or europe tuesday)

  7. Im thinking about joining your classes
    BUT my problem with TA in crypto is that anything can happen very quickly and TA can’t predict that ,
    TA can’t predict Thud or whales pounding in cash on many different coins
    Please correct me and convince me that TA is worth studying

  8. Charts are meaningless! Truly it’s manipulated like fck..they click a mouse and voila, whatever they want…the volumes are bullshit and you know it, Every Litecoin is traded every two days. Same as bitcoin…like silver the markets are a lie. I like your enthusiasm however I’ve been watching charts for over, and the future says we don’t know shit! Until the exchanges are shutdown or forced to have true prices we will never know how it will be.

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