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  1. IGN needs to hire a real editor, cant even spell "two" let alone just saying "2", however this is horrible and I feel bad for her, she is one of my favorite characters in the show too. But I hope she doesnt pull from the show but if she did I would understand.

  2. Had a brain tumour slightly larger than a golf ball I didn’t know about for my whole life. Been through the passing out in a public toilet and being found, had the brain drain in my head, have the scar from top of head to behind my ear. It’s been only 6 months and it’s been rough but good on her talking about her experience . It’s made me feel a lot better about mine.

  3. You used the wrong "two" in the on screen text at 0:18. It should read "… revealed she survived two brain aneurysms while filming the early seasons of the hit show."

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