The REAL Reason Bitcoin’s Price Won’t Budge! Was THIS Planned All Along?!

Why has #bitcoin’s price barely moved despite increased addresses, volume, and interest? Is this whale manipulation… or something much more diabolical? Cardano $ADA 1.5, GMO Group bets on $XRP, Avnet crypto payments, crypto news, and more!

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0:16 Markets 〽️
5:58 Bitcoin in the dumps?
7:32 Bitcoin is not going anywhere:
8:59 Retail sellers exhausted?
10:15 Coincidence?
10:53 Conspiracy theory, or solid logic?
15:29 Cardano (ADA) 1.5:
15:56 GMO Group bets on XRP:
16:26 GMO Survey:
16:49 Binance (BNB) launchpad fail?
19:27 Wikipedia co-founder: Use Brave (BAT):
20:25 Ledger Nano S certified hardware wallet:
21:52 Avnet crypto payment:
22:28 Still no ETF?
24:49 Caspian crypto derivatives:
25:23 Bitcoin car spotted!
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  2. Entering in this market right now means risk of 4X loss ( i.e maximum risk ) OR 20X profit ( i.e minimum potential ) in time period of 12 months ( Max ). You are the best judge. BUT for Blockchain tech believers

  3. Did tulips ever recover…at least with those you had bulbs to show for your money…bitcoin is the ultimate faith currency. Sorry to be so negative!

  4. Yes, there is definitely market manipulation that caused the Bear market. I think it's also the 2017 ICO bubble that popped.

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