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  1. Hopefully it’s much better than Wildlands, more simulation like. I went back to play the new Jon Bernthal DLC and the game feels archaic. Better AI is needed, and so is character movement and gunplay, you can’t even tactical roll in Wildlands. The missions are repetitive as hell too.

  2. If they want to make a new ghost recon, it better be GRAW 3 or future soldier 2
    Make a real ghost recon
    Not this wildlands dogshit

  3. I would love to get a sequel that improves upon what Wildlands started, but I would also love a new Splinter Cell game. Why not both am I right? 😀

  4. That would be great if all of ubisoft's games weren't just all very similar. Towers, convoys, stealth, open world, special targets and whatever else they all have

  5. If they announce a new Ghost Recon before announcing a new Splinter Cell, we'll riot. You teased us by bringing back Sam Fisher, the REAL Sam Fisher, and then left us hanging. You're killing me, Ubi! xD

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