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  1. I finally have 1 btc… just waiting for a Ledger Nano S in the mail now…then it goes in the safe next to the silver and lead.

  2. yes absolutely BTC will bounce up, but if/when AG and Au both Sky Rocket. Then there are only so many Inve$tment dollars to go around. So if you make a big boom up with BTC, and Silver especially starts to rocket? Where will the $$$ go?

  3. Why can't you go to a bank or a machine or a broker and give 5g pr 6g whatever it's at and buy 1 bitcoin.if ya can please tell me

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  5. Ultimately (+/-15 years from now) it really cannot crash unless it's outright totally sabotaged, by some international legal means perhaps: the supply is finite and no more coins will be printed. I don't know how one can get around this mathematical fact.

  6. You haven't missed the boat either, Glen. I feel confident that you will have your Bitcoin(s) back again. How could it be that such a Bitcoin Bull could NOT get them back?! I'm thinking I need to pick up more Litecoin before it goes up as well. Thanks for the show and have a good evening. ???

  7. There is no shortage… 21 million Bitcoin… Then all the forks… Then they'll split it again like a Bitcoin gold or Bitcoin cash it's a scam don't get caught up in it… The government's going to be using there blockchain technology… They're not going to let anybody be in control of money… Look at Chase Bank… They have their own coin… They are not going to use anybody else's…. All the Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies 1600 all of them are going to be obsolete… Once this gets established… And down to zero…. They are only Trail runs… Actually they're going to use the blockchain technology to know every transaction that's what the United States wants it for… where you make your money… and spending your money to do away with money laundering and illegal dealings… Drugs and working off the books… That's why Bitcoin was made… It was called The Silk Road… Everybody thought it was a secret society to sell drugs and nobody can track you… Guess what they're all in jail… Bitcoin was made by the government and will be destroyed by the government… No secret society all made up… it a trial run at the people's expense… That's all folks… Big expense of the government is… Paper money and coins… They want to eliminate that… cryptocurrency is nothing more than a money transfer… Debit cards credit cards… there would be no need for credit card companies… And Banks… Another expense they don't need… Cryptocurrency is not for us… If so they can make more money and put people out of business… you better pay your taxes and keep records of everything they will be coming for you by the way… Over 15 trillion dollars was taken out of it… 10 trillion dollars in pumping it up and down…. The other 5 trillion in taxes… You can't beat the government LOL

  8. YA.. dont worry about being able to scale cuz price will go up so fast nobody will perform a transaction! That is some ultra low IQ stuff right there. LOLOL

  9. Bitcoin will??….just not yet…..too much fomo, greed……April 2nd 25% increase was whale ? manipulation……RSI, NVT, and other TA technicals say 2,500-3000 by June.

  10. Bitcoin and other coins need to be easy to use like putting your debit card in the atm, period. Until then it will not be adopted mainstream. Still waiting for all the promises on easy use to be fulfilled.

  11. people are going to be HODLing litecoin too as there's oinly 4 times as many LTC to BTC. So with a limit of 84 million Litecoin is very scarce too. Once people realize that they can only afford to by 0.0003 BTC they'll be buying 0.1 LTC instead,

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