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  1. I just got this phone because I lost my z5,and to be honest I really starting to like this phone,it performs really when nice and snappy and the quality of the screen is great,like the fact that there's not a of bloat ware on it ,great phone for a great price ,why spend ex amount of money on a phone when this does everything I need,£700 to £900 for the iPhone 7 ,lol….u must be mad!

  2. why is everyone forgetting about the original oneplus one? cheaper than g4 and one plus x. Has NFC a decent processor sufficient RAM and looks like a flagship phone. I get 7 hours of screen on time with my oneplus one, these would probably not come close. The screen is also 5.5 inches!

  3. Hello, I recently ordered a Oneplus 3, i havent recieved it yet but if I dont like it should I get the predecessor to the nexus 5x (whatever its name might be) or should I get a samsung s7(i can get the s7 new for $450)

  4. So, even it has a massive 5"5' size, no magnetic sensor (unlike last year), no IP rating (unlike last year), no NFC and a (let's face it) great yet boring stock Android you still think this is a great budget phone?

  5. Yes Motorola Confirmed that the phones will be coming to the U.S. during late Summer. Cost has not been announced for U.S. models yet.

  6. What about the heating issue, you forgot to mention the temperature rises to 50, 55°c while gaming or even simply using the phone for few minutes, many people complained about this

  7. i own a moto g4 plus.
    Purchased it in India for $200.
    it has a
    16 mp shooter
    laser assist focus
    finger print scanner
    in addition to the moto g4 specs .
    plzz do a review for that !

  8. okay so, I have a Moto X 2nd gen, and my plan is up for a new phone, which is the Moto g 3rd gen (I know, weird jump) . should I just stick with my moto X until it dies, or go for the Moto g 3rd gen? if anyone has an opinion feel free to say it 🙂 thanks

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