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  1. Do not buy from this company, my order since 3 weeks ago still have not arrived, first they told me that the tracking is not updated, then, it's being transferred to Ireland (where I am located) awaiting arrival scan, yesterday they told me that my order is in Italy?!?! I repeatedly requested for a refund and they ignored each and every request.

  2. Hey Buddy,
    What are the chances of you making a review of the new Omni Ultimate? With that review maybe a comparison of the Ultimate and the Omni 20!

    This would be amazing,
    Thanks Lew!

    Btw also looking forward to your full Pixel 3 review!!

  3. at $400 Canadian, its surprising it doesn't have USB-C charging ports.

    Who would buy this product? If your laptop has a removable battery, just buy another one for less than $100 – and if your laptop is like the new macbook pro with a non- removable battery but USB-C ports, just buy an Anker or Aukey 20,000 mAh battery bank for 10% the cost of this contraption with almost twice the capacity.

    neat idea but totally pointless.

  4. Ok here is my dream. This charger and a wireless connection that I can travel with on my motorcycle! Any help here?

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