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  1. Why did everyone say that 2k14 was horrible? Those are the losers that still had old gen. How about new gen? That game was fantastic on newgen. I still play because of mycareer.

  2. I play this game to this day I brought it for 5 bucks and have not put it down i started me a association mode. This game is better then 2k17 on next Gen hands down.

  3. I like basketball. I like the NBA 2k games but there are just so many things I hate about 2k14 when I played it.

    -MyCareer grading system is ass
    -Jump shot timing system is ass. A+ Excellent misses. C+ Slightly Early swishes.
    -Too much fouls. Just running into someone is a foul. Even if you're just jumping to block someone, sometimes they overreact and fall over like they got a giant boulder thrown at their head and then you get a foul.
    -AI is ass
    -Movement sometimes awkward. Your character would sometimes slide around like the floor is slippery or something. And when he falls over he takes 100 years to get up. In MyCareer, when your character stays still for too long he'll start hopping around like some epileptic 5 year old.
    Oh yeah and the commentators are retarded.

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