Fpv FreeStyle || Paragliding Vs Drone Racing

Thanks to paragliding pilots.
Warning: This video features chases performed by conscient pilot.
Please do not attempt to recreat or reenact any activities like this if you don’t know what are you doing!
Seriously folks, be responsible, FLY SAFELY!

⏩GemFan MCK 51466 Lemon – http://bit.ly/2YIKSKd
⏩FatShark HDO – http://bit.ly/2JkExjy
⏩RealaccX210 Pro – https://goo.gl/bf2o6W
⏩Foxeer Datura X2206 2500Kv – https://bit.ly/2MQWBjI
⏩Taranis X9D Plus – https://bit.ly/2uxj9iL
⏩XSR – https://goo.gl/N2I6O9
⏩Gaoneng – https://bit.ly/2SXkrO0
⏩MiniStar – http://bit.ly/2UfFlrX
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?FreeStyle Setup?

RealaccX210 Pro – https://goo.gl/bf2o6W

Foxeer Datura X2206 – https://bit.ly/2MQWBjI

GemFan Windancer 5043 – https://bit.ly/2PwXe2S

Gaoneng – https://bit.ly/2SXkrO0
Infinity – http://bit.ly/2V0LE70
MiniStar – http://bit.ly/2UfFlrX

Dys XSD30A(Dshot600) – https://bit.ly/2HMUcZo

XSR – https://goo.gl/N2I6O9

⏩Video transmitter
Aomway 200mW – https://goo.gl/ya3fRc

⏩Eachine Pro 58 – https://bit.ly/2Lp7GML

⏩CCD Camera
Foxeer Predator V3 – https://bit.ly/2QlCwIH

Aomway Antenna – https://goo.gl/Wycxh1

Taranis X9D Plus – https://bit.ly/2uxj9iL

?HD Camera – Xiaomi Yi V1

?Racing Setup?

GEPRC LSX5 – https://bit.ly/2FJG25i

Emax RS2306 White Edition – https://bit.ly/2w2dEuE

RaceStar 4in1 35A Escs – https://bit.ly/2PhDaTz

Gaoneng – https://bit.ly/2SXkrO0
Infinity – http://bit.ly/2V0LE70
MiniStar – http://bit.ly/2UfFlrX

GemFan Flash 5149 Popo – https://bit.ly/2N5mRYR

R-XSR – https://bit.ly/2Ib29qK
RXSR Antennas – https://bit.ly/2sm4uFg

Taranis X-Lite – https://bit.ly/2Ob1MQd
Taranis X9D Plus – https://bit.ly/2uxj9iL

VTX – Aomway 200mW – https://goo.gl/ya3fRc
FPV camera – Predator Micro -https://goo.gl/YhBN6E

FatShark HDO – http://bit.ly/2JkExjy
Eachine Pro 58(achillez Plus) – https://bit.ly/2Lp7GML
Aomway – https://goo.gl/Wycxh1
Foxeer Lollipop – https://goo.gl/U139HG
My Homemade Pagoda – https://bit.ly/2P72evJ
Fatshark Goggles Foam – https://goo.gl/q6q3Es
Voltage Check(2S) for LiOn goggles battery – https://goo.gl/nBdKrN
LiOn goggles battery – https://goo.gl/hARWtt

Solder Station DIY – http://bit.ly/2MMdJIH
Power Supply – http://bit.ly/2S11LAZ

✅Iron Tips:
T12ILS – http://bit.ly/2MQ1Phe
T12BC1 – http://bit.ly/2G6YCJg
T12K – http://bit.ly/2D3foVV

✅IronTip Cleaner – http://bit.ly/2HHbKXv
Solder – 60/40 with 2% flux

✅Tweezers – http://bit.ly/2GiiloP

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  1. That was a cool video the wind mill action, and orbits around the wings. The first wing was an EN-B class right. Air seemed bumpy, the pilot was moving quite a bit. Nice one ??

  2. That is definitely the best flight video I have seen for some time! The paraglider was a really nice touch! Loved the moves you pulled off, bloody awesome and butter smooth. Add in the gorgeous scenery and the different colours, the only description that fits is "epic" ??????☮☮☮

  3. Great footage!! I have a paraglider that flys over my house, if I don't have my quad out, if I do he goes way around me, guess I made him mad when I power looped his parachute… lol just kidding. He won't get close enough, lol still kidding

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