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  1. I think the speed of esports taking momentum now is what is quite shocking to some "old timers". So usually we have like some generations to adjust, example that comes to mind was how extreme sport fields became "legitimate sports" like half pipe grinds and other snowboarding events coming to winter olympics.

    So esports was kind of lurking in the western world and now with second generations ultra popular games it sprung out and "peoples moms" are kind of caught in the left field "what my son who used to play super mario is now saying video games is a sport!?", like the shift happened within that generation. If it was a couple of them more it would be a natural transaction.

    So they are left in their time to adjust to the thought that yes, esports is a thing. 😀

  2. esports is the future….! 🙂 . Dear lady laugh as much as you can , those players will earn more than what you can earn your entire life working for CNBC. oh wait you are paid by the company that is depending on telecasting such news ("video games" competition included) . laugh more Mam …! laugh more…! XD

  3. I think gaming being considered a sport is quite silly, but wow. That lady was so condescending to the guy, she wasn't hearing anything he had to say. She just wanted to make jokes and jabs at that industry of sports gaming.

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