Top 10 Super Scooters with Largest Displacement Engines for Maximum Speed

Within the class of step through motorbikes, people already view Maxi scooters as performance machines. However, just like with conventional motorcycles, among these there is a unique class of SUPER scooters, that boast of high displacement, immense horsepower, arms’ ripping torque and unmatched sporty riding. In today’s video you will find a list of those performance two wheelers that redefine a maxi scooter description and can turn any city commute into a thrilling adventure.

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BMW Motorrad Concept Link:

Positioned somewhere between a traditional scooter and a motorbike, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link takes the best from both worlds by combining agility of electric propulsion in a compact package of a city commuter.

Yamaha TMAX SX Sport Edition: super scooter

The stylish Tmax has been at the top of ranking charts for 17 years and it has no intensions of slowing down. Even though it is already a rather sporty Yamaha model, the Japanese brand did not hesitate to bring an even more impressive TMax SX Sport’ edition in 2018.

Honda Integra:

Introduced in 2012, Honda Integra was developed with the aim to “integrate” the best out of both scooter and motorcycle worlds into one package. And in 2019, it is more comfortable, sporty and agile than ever.

Suzuki Burgman 400/650:

Suzuki Burgman 400 and 650 represent the brand in the maxi scooter segment, with the 650 model being universally recognized by experts and riders alike as one of the best options available.

BMW C Evolution:

This all-electric machine by BMW has been on the market for quite a while, since 2014 to be exact, but it has not lost its position as one of the performance leaders in the electric scooter segment.

Yamaha X-Max Iron Max 300/400:

The Yamaha X-Max Iron Max is inspired by the iconic T-Max scooter. It comes all new for the 2019 model year combining sporty performance and unique design.

Kymco AK550:

Kymco AK550 combines touring capabilities with sporty performance and riding practicality and comes featuring a 550cc dual-cylinder engine that generates 53 horses and 41 lb-ft of toque and has two power modes, “full” and “rain.”

Honda X-ADV: crossover scooter /

Honda X-ADV maxi scooter is designed to feel just as comfortable off-road as it does on the motorway, featuring aggressive styling and a handful of power.

BMW C 650GT:

It is hard to disagree with the statement that nobody blurs the lines between maxi scooters and motorcycles better than BMW. The C 650 GT is truly a massive and confident tourer. The bike has comprehensive fairing, large and comfortable seat.

Piaggio MP3:

Though, performance motorcycles start exploring the tilting three-wheel design just now, Piaggio MP3 has been providing safer and more dynamic riding for more than a decade. In its higher trims it has a truly powerful engine that outputs 44 horses.

Aprilia SRV 850:

The title of the world’s most powerful production maxi scooter belongs to this Aprilia and for a long time there have not been anyone to contest its position on the throne. Manufactured by the iconic builder of superbikes this two-wheeler manages to inherit performance levels.


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