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  1. Cant afford monster hunter? Dont want to get a ds to play older monster hunter games? Feel like playing a heavily watered down with graphics downscaled and "unique" game play then get DAUNTLESS, epics crap ass clone of monster hunter you cheap s.o.b.

  2. I have only played dauntless like for an hour bec of the server time it takes me like 30mins to get in the game then like 10mins to get in a match and at this point I just gave up

  3. They committed one of the biggest video game sins..
    They made the jump button and the interact button the same weapon.
    Also the interaction system is super inconsistent. I have to restart the rez multiple times a match because it will complete without picking up my teammate which can be really frustrating due to the behemoth being able to interrupt you.
    Also also the Epic friends system is broken. Haven't been able to add anyone to my friends list since the first day it was on PS4.
    The game is tons of fun but damn I didn't even mention that it crashes several times a day and that server lag sometimes makes the game completely unplayable due to the desync.

  4. I was kinda enjoying the game as a fan of Monster Hunter until I pushed in further and the constant fuck ups of broken hitboxes, bad frame rate, lag, and extremely inconsistent dodging just made me hate this game entirely. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pay hard-earned money for this shit

  5. Game is broken I've tried 3 times to play it (once after re downloading). Can't even move when you're dropped in the map. Funny enough there is an option in help that says "help I can't move" this option does nothing. I would say this game is a 0 out of 10 but I'm sure others have had different experiences with it though.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks this is better than Monster Hunter
    I've only played the monster hunter on the 3ds I forgot the name of the game but I like Dauntless more than that game but after playing Dauntless Im considering getting Monster Hunter world Later

  7. If u just started playing and enjoying Dauntless bcoz it's free and never played Monster Hunter World or any MH game, you're missing out.

  8. i mean, its not "BAD" but from a long monster hunter fan and avid MH: World players the presentation is… "bad" i get its because the free to play format, the whole hub is littered with micro transactions, and it felt kinda slimy and the whole Battle pass/season pass always rubbed me the wrong way. BUT if you can ignore all that, there is truly a good game, i can see myself playing this game a while… atleast until iceborne comes out… ??.tldr its pretty good, i hope the content will be expanded as time goes on.

  9. As of now, it's a fun side game to play when burned out from my main go tos. It needs some serious work concerning movement, mechanical timing and the progression system. I've been playing a few hours everyday for a couple of weeks now, and it's getting really boring. I've never understood games that have a progression system that involves forcing you to play at higher difficulties before you are ready, in order to build or acquire the necessary equipment needed to fight those same enemies. Essentially, you just leech off other players, hoping to get a team that knows what they're doing or is strong enough to win a few battles so that you can get the materials you need to upgrade. Then once you've reached that level, repeat the process again. In all reality, you battle the same enemies over and over, gain a bit of power only to have it nullified by the next tier of difficulty. Right now on console, the frame rates are horrendous, leading to more of a spam attack sideshow than a tactial strategized fight, and that's even if you can get into a server to begin with. Sitting an overall mastery of 25, having fully mastered several other sub categories and a few weapon variants, I do not see myself playing much more. This would be a great mobile game, but I hardly consider that it deserves the praise that it has gotten so far. This game definitely has a long way to go.

  10. This game is kinda boring after the fifth fight. especially when the game grants you easy parties of 4, the bosses fall easily. Also the monsters fight patterns are so bland. I shouldn't have to nerf myself by using weaker items or playing by myself just to have a fun time

  11. "Has potential" is what my teachers said about me in high school, thinking I'll get better over time. What I'm saying is, is that we need to face the truth.

  12. It was pretty good. Combat, creatures and all that but…Lots of bugs, connectivity issues and repetitive stuff. I thought a 6/10 in its current state was good.

  13. This game is a ton of fun for a F2P. Been playing since it launched on Xbox One. Got my weapon and armor set to 500. It may be very short lived for some people though. All my buds got bored of the grind when their gear hit 300. Hope the game becomes relevant in the future. May be putting this one down for now.

  14. It's ok with it being a free game. But not something you can dump hours in. Zones are lifeless, the hub is small and boring. Overall 5/ 10

  15. I have issues with Dauntless. Its not anything in its art department, I think the stylized direction it takes is more than fine. Its not technical because the gameplay at its core is fine. I think my issue is that it is trying to be Monster Hunter with a different coat of paint. I love the MH series, but it has flaws. Now another developer comes along and with a community to guide them, they've basically made Monster Hunter again…..with as many MH games out there, I would have liked to see something new added to the table outside a different coat of paint.

  16. Welp, anytime there is a paid option to improve your character it’s pay to win. Even if it’s in the form of reducing arbitrary time limits.

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