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  1. Essentially the only thing left to identify this as an AC game is the help prompt that pops up in the middle of the screen (for a split second), the rest of the UI doesn't even look like Assassin's Creed anymore.

  2. I just hope IGN would make a better job to not spoil things. Maybe they could just put “Fate of Atlantis boss”. There are a lot of people who actually like playing the games instead of just watching it.

  3. the past two AC games were quite fun to play through. does it look or feel like the older ones? No, but the franchise lives on and gives us an entertaining story and gaming experience

  4. I'm confused. When Nintendo decided to switch Zelda up with Breath of the Wild, nobody said, "not my Zelda." Now people are complaining about Odyssey not being a true AC game, even though it's nothing drastically different, and all the differences are really for the better. It's funny because a few years ago I remember people complaining that Assassins Creed was getting repetitive year after year, and now that something a little different is actually happening, people are complaining. What a divided fanbase.

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