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  1. In my opinion, this is the worst season yet. Hope they will come back to the dark stuff in the future seasons…

  2. This seasons theme was taking advantage:

    Miley Cyrus auntie
    Hawk eyes wife
    Crazy Lyft/Uber driver guy

    They all took advantage of someone’s trust.

  3. As a huge black mirror fan I was actually disappointed with this season . Many of the episodes before were very sharp and the stories were hard hitting , much darker . Episodes like black museum and white Christmas (for me) told a better story but I get they were trying something different . Hopefully next season we will get some drama/ lighter episodes mixed in with some darker stories 🙂

  4. “Can’t keep my eyes off of you” referring to the app and screens as a society. This episode shows that your not in control, and after everything happens, life goes on. The woman wasn’t in control of her daughters suicide, the intern jaden could control himself being kidnapped, billy wasn’t in control of his company. The emphasis of control over your life is very strong in this episode. At the end of the episode. There’s a series of clips showing what we can assume as the news and seeing them go on with there lives. One perfect example is the black man at the basketball court looking at his phone, reading the news, and going to play his game. No matter what, life goes on.

  5. Maybe I missed something but I didn't really get him to reach out to the guy from Persona and then give the woman that password. I know she was at the start but I must have missed the significance of that moment.

  6. I actually like the season so far because it is so realistic… This episode to me reflects our current society. At the end, when Christopher dies, the whole internet knows about it and gets a notification and then moves on with their lives. That is how it is today… and it's sad. The internet detaches and desensitizes us from real life issues

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