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  1. Yea I'm not interested in you 2 talking about it of you're not gonna actually show gameplay then you are kinda wasting our time.

  2. I don’t get showing like a no telling trailer on stage for everyone and hold the details for these few press people to talk about. Who is supposed to be excited by that!?

  3. Ninja theory known for singleplayer narrative experience… Now making multilayer only… I'm out… Not for me… BTW Insomniac is not first party.

  4. So basically, Ninja Theory created their own Overwatch. Just…edgy…Overwatch. Every time I look at Bleeding Edge all I can think of is Overwatch + Sunset Overdrive + Splatoon. Who knows, maybe Bleeding Edge will become a big hit for Xbox like Splatoon did for the Switch?

  5. Interesting… eSport definitely needs something fresh. eSport hasn't had a truly skillfull game since CS 1.6 and CSS, CS:GO is trash, every single BR game is trash and way too random and noob rewarding.. Battalion is great though, that's a new game that feels like a mix of CS and CoD, where skill matters more than any other game out there now. This could be another new fresh blow to the eSport scene, we'll see.

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