FPV and Drone Racing Part 1 – What is FPV?

Which FPV Goggles are Best? What are FPV goggles for your drone? Fat Shark and Boscam? Which FPV goggles are better for pilots with reading glasses. Racing Drone expert explains in simple terms. The first in a series of racing drone segments. Are FPV goggles legal?

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We quite often get asked questions that require
the help of an expert and let me tell you …
finding a real expert in this field is not that easy!

But today we introduce Ash, who is an expert!
A real, life size, accredited, experienced, professional, credible expert!

Over the coming weeks he will introduce you into the
world of hobby drone racing. Its exciting and pretty amazing.

So if your ready to move up from the Phantom stay tuned to
some amazing segments!

Today he explains what FPV is and what its used for ….

What are fat shark googles
What is FPV
What is FPV used for
What is First Person View
Is FPV legal?


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