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  1. No. Ultimate Alliance is not supposed to be like this. Once you picked a certain hero (for example, you pick Captain America to play as), no one else could use that hero during that time, as you're the one currently playing as them.

  2. Of course something that is cool like duplication of your favorite heroes will eventually get patched. Like seriously Nintendo don't patch this glitch because it will take the fun out of the game.

  3. Got my Hulk to 100 …it took a while man even with this glitch its still a grind..but it makes beating the game in Superior difficulty waay easier. Edit: and used the xp boosts

  4. Hey IGN!! Why don't you all duplicate Black Lightning and his comic Con trailer? Oh wait you can't duplicate it because you didn't even air it even though you aired all the other DCTV trailers. I think that there is something wrong with that picture.

    IGN should be held accountable for this.

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