BITCOIN BREAKDOWN!? BTC Miners Defend $6.5k PRICE Level! Bakkt Testing BEGINS!

#Bitcoin starts the week off with a minor pullback as Bakkt $BTC futures begin testing. Miners looking to defend $6.5k at all costs, American’s warming up to BTC, institutional and retail demand still growing, tokenizing the moon, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

1:59 Markets 〽️
8:37 Miners will defend BTC:
10:06 Bakkt launches testing:
11:40 Bakt moonshot:
12:12 America loves Bitcoin:
15:55 @TheCryptoZombie ►►
16:35 USD laundered 800:1 vs BTC:
17:25 Traders prefer Bitcoin over silver:
20:04 Warren Buffet lunch:
20:38 Blockchain on TV:
21:24 Tokenize the moon?
22:16 HODLer of Last Resort:
22:52 Bridge for BTC:
24:00 ????? Ledger Nano S Giveaway Winner! ?????

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  1. ? ByBit Exchange ?
    ? Unstoppable Domains ►►
    ? VID Token Sale ?
    ?Brave Browser ►►
    ? Ledger Nano X ►►
    ? Top Altcoin Picks ?
    ? Krown’s Crypto Academy ?
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    ?‍♂️ “Crypto Zombies” Telegram ►►

  2. bybit is no game haha i got K.O.'d but hey im learning ,i think we're officially in a whale manipulation market now so im keeping my FOMO in check, im here to put food on the table after all 😉

  3. Mnuchin is the perfect personification of clowns infesting politics… funny but sad really, that you can blatantly lie like that and it flies…

  4. Ledger nano! Good videos Kdub. Keep them coming. I was trying to think of something long and drawn out to type so if I did win you would be taking 20 minutes to read my reply but nothings coming to mind. I guess it’s because I’m partially autistic or maybe it’s because my family was shit when I was growing up. Well, they’re still kinda shit so there’s always that. Um, I’m getting off course here so again, good videos bro. Keep them coming and also if you don’t mind could you start adding more of the cypher stuff into your videos. I don’t feel very confident in spending the money to buy the cypher until I understand how you use it and I learn a lot better by watching someone else use it everyday. I’m sure there is a lot of other people out there too that feel the same way. This is definitely not me saying put the cypher into every one of your daily videos just so other people don’t have to buy it and we could still see what the markets doing so don’t take what I’m saying as that. ???. Ledger nano X damnit!

    Has it been 20 minutes yet? ??

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