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  1. I listened to the whole GG podcast episode, and the hosts were kind of insensitive to the whole thing, I feel. Like, they only found out a few hours before they recorded the episode that the slot was being sold, and the price tag was around $30M. They were all "heeyyyyy, congrats, Rick!" He said as much on the podcast, he might not even see a dollar of this transaction, the outside investors/shareholders seem to monetarily benefit the most from this. And the thing is…Rick used so many words to describe the whole situation and how it's affected him, but I feel one word rises above the rest, one he didn't use and I'd argue summarizes everything perfectly: Rick is DEVASTATED.

    He originally stated he would be leaving because of the racism and threats, that he'd only stay if Raizada left. A few weeks later, he said he was going to stay and "fight the racism from within" Echo Fox. To have this whole situation crumble, having to accept selling the LCS slot after all this turmoil…I'm an Echo Fox fan and I feel devastated.

    Raizada dug his heels in and tried to fight the allegations, hoping everything would just get swept under the rug. He tried, though it almost seemed like he didn't even care, to have some PR person or association try and run a whole "look at all the good Raizada's done" campaign, to save face. But he's been racist and bigoted for a long time, even prior investment partners from previous ventures he was a part of stated as much, with their own evidence. Raizada never cared if Echo Fox crashed and burned or if it soared to grander heights. He just wanted to make sure he didn't lose money.

    This team, the LCS team, was like a pipe dream for Rick, it's pretty much the whole reason he originally got into esports. He did it to get closer with his son, Kyle, and to share their love for video games and the competitive scene. And to have it all just crumble away because Raizada, who basically could call all the shots when it came to trying to oust him from the org (you can't really force an investor or shareholder out, you can't vote them out, they have to willingly sell their portion of the org to another individual or group of investors), simply didn't CARE? It's legal, but it completely reeks of bullshit. And now everybody else is effectively hurt by this apathy from Raizada: the players, the org's staff, the fans, and most especially Rick and Kyle. Their dream is basically gone, taken away by somebody else's uncaring opinion on the whole debacle.

    TL;DR FUCK Amit Raizada, and best of luck to Rick and Kyle in the future, whatever they decide to do. I hope Raizada can't sleep at night…

  2. you guys remember the story of a nba star who took his son to a esports event that created a bond between them. said star defends esports on tv and risks his own capital and time to create a team in order to make his sons dream possible. I miss that story…

  3. an actual celebrity decides to stand up for us nerds and immediately gets shafted. i can't help but feel guilty. dudes an NBA legend, takes one step into gaming and boom…smh. i know its not exactly a "gaming" incident, but still…it stings.

  4. Dang!!! I love Rick Fox but he has a lot of feelings. K kept thinking he was gonna be done listing off what he felt but it just….kept….going. ??

  5. I feel… I feel… I feel…I feel… I feel… I feel…I feel… I feel… I feel…I feel… I feel… I feel…

  6. Dear white and other non black people watching this video, please take note of how insidious and powerful racism is. As a black person, it doesn't matter how much you've accomplished to some people you will always be less than human. Sad that the racist pos shareholder threatened his family after degrading the man, yet Rick Fox is the one holding an L at the end of it all. If you think this situation is fucked up, just understand that it's not an isolated incident. This sort of shit happens to people of color in every field and profession all the time. You just don't hear about it.

  7. One of the first people who invested in the LCS out of passion, even before franchising. I hope he doesn't leave the scene at all, one way or another.

  8. In other news. Optic brand was sold to IMMORTALS . The whole Optic brand(CSGO,OVERWATCH,LOL,etc) are now part of IMMOORTALS. We are seeing the comeback

  9. Totally mental that investors have so little backbone that they would rather stand with blatant racism than keep their $30,000,000 asset.

  10. This is sad. Raizada gets away with way more money out of this. I hope there will be a way to right this for Rick Fox

  11. Why cant they just fire the racist guy or buy out his spot. I dont know mich about buisnesses but can someone clear that up for me?

  12. A racist, family-threatening shareholder won over an NBA champ who almost singlehandedly bridged the gap between traditional sports and esports? What kind of world is this…

  13. The only people who should be worried about this if they decide to rebrand the entire company and start gutting players are smash and fighting game players sadly. Overwatch, league, dota, and CS GO players are generally safe lol

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