As Seen On TV Plumbing Gadgets… Do they work?

We clogged our pipes to put a bunch of As Seen On TV Plumbing inventions to the test! Is your toilet or sink clogged? Let’s find out if these products really work!


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  1. It's funny because people use Patreon to improve to their content. But you know what else you can improve on, & that's for free? By freaking rendering your videos in QHD or UHD or just something higher quality than FHD because it's overrated & ungrateful because. If someone has a really powerful computer, & they still render in 1080p60, then they're cheap.

  2. 7:20 no. the smell won't return given the "inside" part of the pipes are clean. the "outside" can be stinking as hell, the smeel is being blocked by the water in the sifon / trap.

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