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  1. I got the game for my sister for her 10th birthday. She never really got into it so she said I could make a save for myself…I’m about an hour in and it’s…enjoyable…I mean, hearing The pikachu sound like a middle age drunk is the most entertaining part of the game. Gameplay is nothing special, story is meh, characters are…average Pokémon characters…but hey maybe the game will get better later on. 6.5/10

  2. I am annoyed to those who thought this game shouldn't had worked.

    I am annoyed at those who thought it was weird for Pikachu to be talking.

    I am annoyed with those who thought Pikachu shouldn't had a deep voice.

    Have you morons heard of creativity and imagination? Because clearly you don't have any. The concept of this game is genius! If you still disagree, fine. You are entitled to your opinion.


    I didn't see the review of IGN. So I am not talking about IGN. But still, I want to point out my frustration.

  3. This game is so boring. I feel that it's over rated. U have to only talk to everyone and every object your see and the game is completed. Lame..

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