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  1. This Snap 3D product is proudly launched by creative young start-up friends who left Samsung SDS in South Korea.

    I would like to propose this video when I make an introduction video. Snap in front of a small camera lens that I shoot while shooting. If I shoot a 3D case film and record it, the recorded image will not look the same as the 3D stereoscopic effect. ?

    Have you tried it? If you did not try it, please try it and please comment and let me know the result.

  2. podrias poner fotos del aparato, como se conecta, unboxing, se maneja por red por wifi ???? lo puedo mover de lugar a otro domicilio con izzi, lo puedo ver en mi trabajo.

  3. my gess is that the case is a filter like whats already built into the 3ds screen but the problem is finger prints break the 3d effect so thats why the 3ds doesnt have 3d touch screen and why (unless you constantly clean your phone)this case wont work

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