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  1. Its sad to see some of yall graphics nazis yet again will miss out on a underrated gem because the game isnt the prettiest…
    This game is only $40 bucks, theres no microtransactions, it has rogue like elements to keep things feeling fresh (changing level designs and bosses)
    Loot that seems different in most cases from one another, and it has co-OP with a 15-20hour story. With more replay value seeing as though you wont encounter everything your 1st playthrough. If you ask me if you want a fun solo/co-op looter shooter with rogue like features and not a 60 dollar price tag this is it, I'll take that over graphics anyday.

  2. For everyone commenting on the graphics, go and check out the latest trailer by the official Remnant: From the ashes youtube, this video looks compressed as hell or as if they're playing on low-medium settings.

  3. oh this is neat, you have classes in this game as well 13:10 maybe its multiplayer coop play with friends , even has a healer based class. It looks like an RPG of somesort. Im def interested in this game

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