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  1. A couple things firstly haha look at that that whole stadium should be dead, secondly are we done complaining about animations? Those animations look pretty sick to me even the non dinmaxed ones

  2. Keep in mind this is the 1st version, next year we might see the remake of 4th gen, it will be 14 year since the launch on DS. Is better to skip this one and have the remake and 2nd S&S version.

  3. If dynamax moves cancel out other effects then whats the point of having additional effects? For instance if two pokemon alter the weather, then neither will get the full benefit since it will get canceled out in the opponents next attack.

    I swear it just becomes a confusing tug of war to see who gets to keep the last effect

  4. Um….. Ok

    The only thing that would keep me exited about this is the ability to go to other regions and ability to catch em all not some of em

  5. We are 3 months away from this games release and we still haven't seen the middle forms for the starters…? Anyone else find that odd?

  6. I can't wait for this game. I bought and started playing Heartgold, Platinum, Black 1-2, X, Omega Sapphire and Ultra Moon just to prepare for this game. Didn't realise Pokemon games were so great.

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