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  1. So much going on in the market, instead of it should tickle my adrenaline glands ….. some reason don’t know feels so down myself…..

  2. I read somewhere that most of these transactions WILL NOT actually be on-chain. The only on-chain transactions will occur when new Bitcoin is deposited into the market, and when Bitcoin is withdrawn to the outside. Market participants will generally be trading back and forth for their clients within a pool. The Bitcoins themselves will stay in a cold wallet while Bakkt maintains a sub-ledger. Like gamblers trading casino chips back and forth over the course of the game; you only cash out at the end of the night.

  3. Did you know that in india they have a stone throwing festival where everyone stands in the street and throws stones at eachothers face until they are bleeding……..yea…..the shit throwing festival is next…no joke….

  4. This guy is in a convertible car, outside, and driving. And still he sounds better than the ‘Digital Asset Investor’!!! ??‍♂️ DAI sounds like he’s recording in his bathroom while taking a ?! Smh.

  5. I want the price to drop, so im gonna say this….. GET LONG FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM. (*Cause we do the opposite of sentiment….right? right?). YEA YEA MOON LAMBO BTC MOON. (*Now domp eet…..obviously)

  6. Futures contracts are incredibly easy markets to manipulate, and for the record, most all futures already out there (gold, silver etc.) already have to have physical bullion on hand for delivery, what we need to be looking at is what kind of leverage is possible for these futures (gold is extremely leveraged) the other point is that futures for Bitcoin serve ZERO purpose, unlike commodities yields which can fluctuate based on climate, geopolitics (think soybeans right now) or a host of other factors, Bitcoin futures promise what? To get Bitcoin? Go out into the market and buy it, the miners could make a legitimate case for using them, but i guarantee that unless there is zero leverage enabled, they will be used for price manipulation.

    Crypto people need to think about more than short-term fluctuations and realise that more derivative/ paper products associated with crypto, the less stable it will become.

    *Gold futures cost $150 to control 500 physical ounces, around $750,000, this is only going to be used to manipulate the price, wake up guys.

  7. Hey man what’s your affiliation with blockchains llc? I see you have their hat. I am astonished they are right outside of my hometown I grew up in, and they are building the bitcoin citadel outside Reno nv, it’s going to be INSANE . Right next to Tesla gigafactory big things ahead guys, would not surprise me if Tesla partners or is already partnered with blockchains llc to provide flying cars in next 10 15 years

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