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  1. This isn’t that impressive, compared to the n sane trilogy and reignited trilogy, this one seems empty and a disappointment. And I’m not hating, I want them to do better but that’s just what this feels like

  2. 20.$ is reasonable price this just a remastered of the ps2,gamecube,Xbox game just a fresh coat of paint so to speak I'm sure it will do great with the younger crowd n also collect o thon fanatics such as myself…

  3. thank you so much for bringing my childhood back, thq nordic! this game, along with lights, camera, pants and tenchu are the ones who refined my sweet childhood! thank you, once again!

  4. Seeing this almost makes me cry! I remember playing this all the time on ps2! I never beat the flying dutchman's graveyard level or the final boss, so I guess I'll get my chance.

  5. I may not have played battle for bikini bottom
    But i did play the movie game which borrowed lots of elements from this game
    Lowkey i remember seeing this game through my gamecube for rocket power
    It was awesome
    Cant wait for what millenials nwadays missed out since they were a bit too young conpared to Gen Z bois

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