Bitcoin Ready for EXPLOSIVE MOVE!! Are We Being MANIPULATED? Next Move is CRUCIAL!

#Bitcoin nears critical resistance! We could be setting up for a massive move! $BTC as a “safe haven” asset narrative, more $USDT FUD, BitMEX blocks more jurisdictions, Satoshi final reveal, BitMEX blocks more jurisdictions, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

2:15 Markets 〽️
9:34 Mark Mobius says buy hard assets:
12:18 Bitcoin a safe haven?
13:07 More Tether FUD?
13:30 BTC vs USDT:
18:08 BitMEX blocks more users:
19:46 Time = Bitcoin?
20:18 BTC vs Altcoins:

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BULLISH for BITCOIN!! MASSIVE Money to FLOOD Crypto!? Bears STILL Call $8k BTC!!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  2. What is pertinent now is that over the past few days trends show much hoverings around the $10,200 ranges which most likely indicates a dip over a rise so as an investor you might want to relax a bit and wait to take advantage of the situation by buying the dip for profitable trading. As a trader, you should also be preparing to buy the dip because by all indications the next rise is expected to hit the ranges of $15,000 to $16,000 with a bull run possibility. With the appropriate trading signals from Alex Hodgson -a competent trader by all ramifications, I have been able to grow 3 btc to 8 btc in just 2 weeks. He can show you how to take advantage of this situation gainfully. He can be contacted on (alexehodgson@gmailcom) for further assistance.


  3. Bitcoin will pass 425k like a Lamborghini also Bitcoin 2 will blast off like a rocket once the whales find out. You can purchase BTC 2 on Crex24 exchange for around $1.30ea

  4. BTC surpassing the 12k mark would be great f-ing news since I have bought a load of satoshis on changelly at 9k mark in July. Getting a bit nervous holding tbh.

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