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  1. Or maybe they could remove it from competitive and normal and create another mode for it. Some people want normal gun fights without going up against the iron giant…

    They could create a class type mode with other suits for the players that want that power fantasy (something like overwatch/realm Royale), instead of nerfing it into the ground to stop complaints.

  2. I’m glad they nerfed it. Now all they need to do is remove the combat and the game might be in a balanced state.

  3. I think everyone who says mechs are OP just jump in front of it to get killed. The only time I had problems with mechs is when Im not aware of my sorroundings and in solo mode when two people decideds to team up and use the mech.

    So people ceying because of the mechs pretty much cries about anything new. I bet they are the same people that hated shopping cars in the game (when it released) because escaping from the storm was easier and somehow it damaged the gaming experience. Lol

  4. Ok so I get like a 9 kill game and then the final circle has a mech. I leave the match when I'm fighting a mech because it's unfair to fight an unstoppable piece of junk with 1000 hp.

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