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  1. So why can't Disney replicate this quality and feel of Star Wars in their fraking movies! So disappointed a television series is far superior than what we have been getting in theaters. With the exception of Rogue One. I'm happy to see the return of the Deathtroopers.

  2. Disney: "we're gunna make a Boba Fett movie."

    Movies fans: rewatches all movies with Boba in it to prepare

    Comics fans: consults their comics

    Nitpickers: consults Boba wiki pages.

    Me: "I hope they stick to the source material…."

    Disney: "ya know what….the bars too high. Let's just make a movie about a random mandolorian."

    Team nods in agreement

  3. Even as a kid, I couldn't stand the goofy sound the guns make. You'd think they'd update the sound by now. The trailer looks okay but people are already getting way over hyped like they do with every Star Wars trailer.

  4. In some ways, our world is more advanced than Star Wars universe. For example we have safety measures in our automatic door systems so they wouldn't slice people in half.

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