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  1. On my buy list… but with so many great games coming out this year I think I'll wait a bit to pick it up. There's at least like 5 or 6 VR games I want that should be launching, plus Valve is supposed to have a AAA full fledged VR game that they've yet to show anything for. Fingers crossed.


    I think that Sony was just waiting for the reviews and early sales numbers of CONTROL to hit before they announce their acquisition of Remedy.

    With Sony heavily marketing the game I can see it far outpacing the other platforms and selling really well on the PS4.

  3. Some dialogues could be improved though, I love the details/elements this game has, it's like a slicker version of the SCP lore with Stranger Things El as your protagonist (am not an avid fan of SCP, though I find some SCP stories interesting).
    I also love the very Bauhaus/utilitarian design.

  4. I remember quantum break it is pretty cool but got very repetitive and boring after a few hours and I never ended up beating the game

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